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Updated: Sep 19, 2019


EmGlov Films

Las Vegas, NV

For more information, contact Steve Christo (Lead Producer) - (818) 441-9444

Public Relations – Mark Rickerby (818) 913-0811 /


FuhgeddAboutIt – Not Just Another Mafia Movie

Distributor –Lionsgate or Sony. (Currently in negotiations.)

Genre: Crime Drama

Website: (in development)


Obba Babatundé (S.W.A.T, Philadelphia, Undercover Blues) as Captain Ross.

Glenn Plummer (Speed, Sons of Anarchy, Showgirls, Menace II Society) as Thomas.

Marco Rodriguez (House of Sand and Fog, Cobra, The Crow) as Angel.

Tony Taylor (Tony’s Place, Diablos de Denver, Mr. Blue) as Tommy.

Anthony Ferro (Troian, Wrestling with the Mob, Breaking Point) as Mucci.

Louis Vanaria (Boardwalk Empire, Law and Order, NYPD Blue) as Ponzio.

Vincent Rivera (CSI Miami, Days of Our Lives, Gilmore Girls) as Roberto.

Screenplay by Conrad Glover and Tony Taylor.

Produced by Conrad Glover, Steve Christo, Vincent Rivera, Tony Taylor.

Directed by Conrad Glover.

Fuhgeddaboutit is not just another story about one Mafia family versus another, or even the Mafia versus the Feds. It’s a turf war between two Mafia families and the Mexican cartel, and the F.B.I. against them all, with the added complication of in-fighting and betrayal - and it’s based on true events that transpired in 2009 that most of the world knows nothing about. A mobster from Boston went to Denver to hide but couldn’t help getting a small crew together. One of his pals from New York joined him and they started an illegal gambling operation, recruiting people from Denver to run it. The Colorado Bureau of Investigations

ran a sting operation on it and several fall guys were arrested, even two former Denver Broncos. You’ll meet real-life characters like Mucci, who “passed away” in Boston (under highly suspicious circumstances); and Ponzio, who tried to pocket some of the cartel’s drug money but didn’t live long enough to enjoy it; and Roberto, an established business owner in Cancun the Mexican cartel forced to go to America to run drug cells; and Sammy Blasi, the sole survivor, who sits in prison to this day. The short but intense war these men waged presents a completely unique situation in the gangster film genre. Only a few names and

places have been added or changed “to protect the innocent.” Hold onto your seat as Fuhgeddaboutit unflinchingly tells the bloody tale of an underground Mafia crew that rose to power by building a criminal empire in the volatile heart of New Jersey and some of New York’s toughest neighborhoods. It’s survival of the fittest as the Italian Mafia prepares for a hostile takeover of one of the most ruthless Mexican drug cartels east of the border. Streets become warzones as the suspense mounts, ending in a head-to-head, explosive showdown. To complicate matters, another deadly Mafia crew moves in to claim the remaining territory as undercover F.B.I investigators try to infiltrate all three organizations. With millions up for grabs, the death toll spirals to an all-time high, giving rise to in-fighting

and betrayal. Never before has there been a mafia story so riveting and captivating. It’s Mafia versus cartel, empire versus empire, and only one can win. But as the saying goes, every great empire always takes a fall in the end, so either go all-in . . . or Fuhgeddaboutit!

EmGlov Films is a newly-formed film company focused on producing high-quality feature films in various genres. All films written and directed by Conrad Glover.


Steve Christo (Lead Producer)

(818) 441-9444


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