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FEATURE FILM "GAME OF LIFE" a go for 2019!

Director Luan Kryeziu will be at the helm, with partial filming happening in Chicago by Eagle Mehana Films, the initial investment has been made by the government of Kosovo in today's cabinet meeting, and I have been chosen for the score :)

2019's First Feature

I'm very excited about this. The subject matter is intense, requiring a very dramatic score, a composer's dream for sure. I received the script today and carving out time this weekend to lay by the fire and start making notes, considering remote sessions, instrumentation recommendations to the director, etc.

"The Pride" was my first project with Eagle Mehana Films. Things went so well with Edi and Kenny, founders of the company that I am excited to be involved in their feature.

"The Pride", the independent film I worked on for Eagle Mehana Films in 2018

Thats about all there is for right now, updates to follow as they materialize :)



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